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Osteopathy Restores Balance to Mind and Body.

Rediscover Movement

At Mind Body Movement we follow the 3 Core Principles of Osteopathy:

At Mind body Movement we provide a patient centered treatment that looks at the WHOLE body, recognizing that each person and each body is unique. 

  1. The unity of all the body’s organ systems with each other and with mind & spirit creates who we are.

  2. Structure and function are interrelated. The organ systems that compose our body depend upon a balanced structural framework for their natural function. A compromise in the structural framework will therefore lead to altered function. Many disease processes occur secondary to structural disorder.

  3. We are governed by a self-healing principle that is continuously working towards resolution of disorder.

To accomplish healing, we acknowledge the 3 prior principles. Therefore, we consider patients holistically and resolve disorders of body structure by working with the self-healing principle governing body/mind/spirit.

We treat the root cause of the problem, not the symptom. We want everyBODY that enters our clinic to leave feeling balanced, and provide the tools and knowledge to keep you living pain free.